Works start on the restoration of the Columbarium at Brookwood Cemetery

Works start on the restoration of the Columbarium at Brookwood Cemetery

  • Client: Woking Borough Council and Brookwood Park
  • Sharman Projects Role: Project Manager, Contract Administrator & Quantity Surveyor
  • Contractor: Sally Strachey Historic Conservation
  • Project: Restoration of The Columbarium

About this Project:

Woking Borough Council continues their restoration work at Brookwood Cemetery, Surrey, a listed Grade 1 Historic Park and Garden. Brookwood Cemetery is the largest cemetery in the country at 220 acres and of great historical value, founded in 1852 to house London’s dead and was uniquely serviced by its own railway.

The Columbarium is a Grade II listed monument constructed in the 1870’s and is the largest mausoleum in Brookwood Cemetery. The Columbarium was originally constructed as a family mausoleum for the 5th Earl of Cadogan. It was sold to the London Necropolis Company in 1910 for the purpose of housing urns of the local population after Woking Crematorium opened in 1890. It was then that the inscription ‘COLVMBARIVM’ on the tympanum was added.

The Columbarium is being restored by Sally Starchy Historic Conservation Ltd, with works commencing on 14th September 2020 and due to finish in December 2020. The restoration involves a sympathetic refurbishment to remedy water ingress damage and restore The Columbarium to its former glory.

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